Part the First: The Secret Kingdom

The great Empire of Tuche is failing. Its child emperor lies dead and without an heir. A malevolent force rises within its borders, in the Duchy of Bithoss, and sends its unspeakable hordes against the waning might of civilisation. From all the corners of the world comes a band of unprecedented heroes to battle this evil. They are guided north by the Omenstone, an artifact of indeterminable age.

Chased from her home by assassins, traitors, and usurpers, Sythia, heir to the Empire of Tuche, strives alongside her companions to reach the fabled Secret Kingdom in search of some answer to the horror that has her people in a stranglehold. Every day Tuche goes without her leadership is another victory for her many enemies, but she knows she will return one day with the strength to grind them into the earth.

From the plains and fortresses of the embattled kingdom of Sasarre comes Dona Ophelia of the Order of Kai Gaddon. A Bithosian by birth but raised in a monastery by the knights of Sasarre’s most famous militant order, she rode to battle against the blackguards of Faram, and the savage goblin tribes of the northern plains. Newly anointed, she made an oath to guard the exiled Empress on her journey north.

Hierzud, mightiest of warriors from the Tribes of the Shining Desert has come north in search of answers to questions posed to his people by the stars themselves. Legends among his people speak of a great reckoning, and of the founding of a promised land. Now it falls to Hierzud to discover the meaning of these prophecies, and the good of his people, perhaps of all people, rests on his broad shoulders.

From the Sanctuary of Splitrock, a great cloven mountain stabbing skyward from the central Sasarran plains, comes the scholar Gamal. Relentlessly trained in the use of ancient magics unknown outside the Sanctuary walls, Gamal leads his companions on their path to the Secret Kingdom. Led by the Omenstone, an object of great age and gravity, he seeks knowledge of the powers that threaten to topple the world, and how to defeat them.

The last is the man known only as Driftwood. Washed up on Sasarre’s northern shore and sequestered by the wizards of Splitrock, he has no recollection of who he is, or where he is from. All he knows for certain is that something wants him to go north. He can feel it in his head, mumbling. It forced him to devour the Omenstone, and when he is threatened it unleashes fearsome, flesh-ripping power.

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